Rosenthal: Dodgers not “actively pursuing” Wilson

From Ken Rosenthal’s latest Hot Stove article:

The Dodgers are not actively pursuing Jack Wilson, Craig Wilson, Preston Wilson, Enrique Wilson or any other player named Wilson. They spoke to the Pirates about Jack Wilson earlier this offseason, but as reported here earlier, the talks broke down about how much money the Pirates would include in the deal and the third player they would receive along with shortstop Chin-Lung Hu and outfielder Delwyn Young. The Tigers are making a more serious push for Wilson …

There was also a report out of LA that said about the same thing.

At this point, it’s more or less up to you as to who you believe in this thing. DK’s Pirate sources are as good as just about anyone’s and it would be a bit weird for Jack to be talking about re-structuring his deal if there was no fire with the smoke. Still, it would be smart for the Pirates to try and make it appear like there’s a market for Wilson if there’s only one team interested. The question right now? Which team is interested and which team isn’t?

Pat Lackey

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