So where do we go from here?

After yesterday’s marathon game in St. Louis, it seemed logical that there were some roster moves coming today. With tonight’s 10:05 first pitch approaching, we know what most of them are now, though everything’s not perfectly clear. Via the team’s Twitter account, we know that Kyle McPherson and Justin Wilson are in San Diego tonight and on the 25-man roster. They’re taking the places of Jordy Mercer, who’s gone on paternity leave, and Juan Cruz, who’s been designated for assignment. There seems to be some surprise to see Cruz get dropped, but he’s really been pretty bad since June started and he’s looked flat out awful since coming back off of the DL. 

There’s nothing about Chad Qualls’ return from the bereavement list, so maybe that’ll wait until tomorrow. Same goes for Travis Snider’s groin. For now, though, Wilson and McPherson appear to be in Pittsburgh to give long relief to Kevin Correia, who’s starting tonight despite throw two innings of relief last night. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a bad idea; both McPherson and Wilson could have the element of surprise on their hands and they have decent swing-and-miss stuff and could put together a strong spot start. Correia strikes me as the kind of guy that could be very ineffective on short rest. I suppose we’ll see; hopefully Hurdle has his trio on a short leash all around tonight. 

First pitch tonight is at 10:05. Edinson Volquez goes for the Padres. This should be awfully interesting. 

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