Some Friday links

You know, I saw that West Virginia was back in Greensboro yesterday afternoon and I thought to myself, “Hey, I should leave work early and check that out.” And then I remembered that I had a softball game and a bunch of other things to do and it wasn’t going to work. And as it turns out, the Power and the Grasshoppers played 19 innings and the Pirates are so dedicated to not ruining their young pitching that infielder Kevin Mort pitched the final 5 1/3 innings. Glad I sat that one out. 

Joe Posnanski’s been writing quite a bit about his AL MVP vote this year and how he’s defining “valuable” and pressure and those sorts of things and I think it’s some interesting reading, especially for those that are skeptical of new baseball stats and sabermetrics. 

Willie Stargell is going to be on a stamp. If I think hard enough, I might be able to remember the last time I used a stamp. 

The Pirates want Pedro Alvarez to play winter ball. I also would like to see Pedro play winter ball. 

Also, for everyone that’s asked, we should be far enough inland here in Chapel Hill to avoid the brunt of Hurricane Irene, though I suspect that we’re going to get an awful lot of rain here tomorrow.  

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