Some morning reading

I first want to start out by saying that Tim sent me a copy of his site‘s Pirate Prospects 2011 Prospect Guide over the weekend and it’s awesome. It’s got interviews, scouting reports on any Pirate minor leaguer you could think of and a bunch you probably can’t think of, season recaps for all the minor league affiliates, a section about their methodology, and more. It’s both a great resource for Pirate fans (it’s something that I’m almost positive I’ll be going back to all year) and a great example of what new media is capable of. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can get one here

Second: great and sad read on Voros McCracken, the sabermetrician that first noticed that pitchers have very little control over what the defense does behind them. 

Finally, Andy LaRoche signed with the A’s yesterday. It’s a minor league deal that will get him into camp. I always liked LaRoche and felt bad for him in 2009 when he had a fairly solid season that went unnoticed because of the huge expectations on his shoulder. I hope he can pull himself together in Oakland.  

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