Something is brewing on the Jack Wilson front

A report out of New Jersey earlier today said that the Pirates traded Jack Wilson to the Tigers, though Frank Coonelly is denying that any trade is done. At the moment it appears that the Pirates were discussing Wilson with the Dodgers, but impressed with an offer the Tigers made last night. I’ll have more as things update this afternoon.

Idle speculatory update at 2:12- What could the Tigers have offered last night that made their offer better than Hu and whatever else the Dodgers were offering? They don’t have a deep system beyond Porcello and I find it hard to believe they’d come up with anything that would’ve piqued Huntington’s interest, as reported. I don’t know what the answer is here, I’m just thinking about loud.

Update– 3:31 – By all accounts, there isn’t a deal yet, though Wilson’s said that he won’t use his no-trade clause to block one, should one go down (from the same PBC Blog link as above):

“I don’t think that’s going to be an issue with me, really,” Wilson said. “I loved my time in Pittsburgh, as everyone knows, but I’m not going to block a move.”

It really looks like something is going to happen here, though it definitely hasn’t happened yet.

Update– 6:08 – I mentioned in the comments that I thought that the ramping up of discussion with the Tigers might be Huntington trying to leverage a bigger offer from the Dodgers. This wire report makes that seem like a possibility.

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