State College Spikes announce roster

Pirates Prospects has the State College Spikes Opening Day roster this afternoon in advance of their season starting on Friday. Not a whole lot of surprises here; Stetson Allie is headlining the pitching staff along with fellow 2010 draftee Nick Kingham (I believe Allie is expected to make the Opening Day start). Exicardo Cayonez and Jorge Bishop, two of Rene Gayo’s more promising Latin American signings, are on the roster.

For now there are only a few 2011 draftees on the roster, though I’d expect guys like Daniel Gameche (sixth rounder who signed over the weekend) to start popping up on the roster as the season goes on. Like West Virginia, there’s a bunch of pitching on this team that they need to find innings for and there will probably be plenty of rotation shuffling and piggy-back starts with this club. Still, guys like Allie and Cayonez and Bishop and Kingham make this club plenty worth watching if you’re planning a Central PA minor league trip this summer. 

Pat Lackey

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