Stay hot

The Pirates’ figured out one of their long-time Cincinnati nemeses last night when they tagged Homer Bailey for a bunch of runs, tonight they try to get their second win against Johnny Cueto in eight days. They drew some walks off of Cueto last Wednesday, taking four in his seven innings, and eeked out a 2-1 win behind AJ Burnett. Instead of Burnett tonight, the Bucs send Brad Lincoln out for a spot start with Charlie Morton on the disabled list and Jeff Karstens not quite ready to resume his role in the rotation. 

The Pirates have now won eight of ten and looked like a respectable baseball team for a while here, but of course all that really matters at this point in the season is the next game. If the Pirates up their hot streak to nine of 11, they’ll find themselves just one game behind the Reds for first in the Central. First pitch tonight is at 7:10.  

Pat Lackey

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