Stemming the tide

At this point, it’s time to stop being concerned with the long-term ramifications of this ugly streak for the Pirates and just start hoping they win a game soon. A four-game losing streak isn’t all that long of a slide, but once we move towards five, six, seven, and beyond, things get harder and harder to stomach. Even tougher to stomach is this ugly scoreless streak we’re on right now. We shut the Braves out in back-to-back games back in our first homestand and they rebounded with ten runs in the third game of the series. I’d love to see that sort of reaction tonight against Micah Owings.

Ross Ohlendorf gets the ball for the Bucs tonight. He was successful in his last start, but he didn’t mix his breaking pitches and changeup in with his sinker nearly as well as he did in the start before that against the Marlins and after his start he said he just didn’t feel all that confident in those pitches. Much of Zach Duke’s success last night seemed to come from keeping the Reds off balance all night, so I’m hoping to see Ohlendorf work that slider and changeup in much more tonight than he did against the Padres. But mostly, I’m hoping to see some runs scored.

Pat Lackey

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