The battle at the bottom

It seems like I’m starting these posts off with a transaction note every single day now. Today the Bucs claimed Steven Jackson from the Yankees and released Jimmy Barthmaier to make room on the 40-man. Jackson’s old for his level, but putting up some great numbers in AAA right now and may be able to provide some bullpen help in the near-to-immediate future.

The Bucs go to DC tonight to face Ross Detwiler in his 2009 debut (he pitched one inning in relief in 2007) and first big league start. Detwiler was the Nats’ first pick in 2007 and is a great prospect, but his numbers in AA this year aren’t overwhelmingly great. If MLB’s arcane blackout policy wasn’t preventing me from seeing this epic battle between bad baseball teams, I’d be interested to see how the Bucs handle Detwiler. He’s got good strikeout numbers, but he’s seemingly been very hittable in the minors. Without a book on him, the Pirates could be an ideal team for an impressive debut. Then again, they’ve been hitting pretty well of late and if they can get runners on base early, it might be a long night for the kid.

The Bucs send Ross Ohlendorf to the mound and will be without Nyjer Morgan for one more night. That leaves them with the lineup that scored ten runs in an inning yesterday, so it’s hard to complain. What’s not hard to complain about? The fact that the Nats are blacked out on Extra Innings in Chapel Hill (4 1/2 hours from DC), even though they’re not on the local cable packages. And the Braves, who’s games we get a few times a week, aren’t blacked out. Someone, please do something about this blackout policy soon.

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