The Curse of Ryan Vogelsgong

I’m still conflicted on this whole Ryan Vogelsong thing. I love a good story and there are few better than Vogelsong; the wayward prospect who hit rock bottom, went to Japan for three years to pull himself together, and then came back as an All-Star for the team that originally drafted him. On the other hand, I always thought Vogelsong had potential and I went to bat for him for his whole Pirate career and it wasn’t until five years after that that he put things together. And it’s ridiculous to say this kind of thing and I don’t even really mean it, but I feel kind of betrayed on a weird sports-fan level about the whole thing. 

So I’m happy that he’s good now, but I hope the Pirates smash him all around PNC Park today, is what I suppose I’m saying. James McDonald goes for the Pirates this afternoon. As has become standard this summer, the game is at 4:00, because of FOX’s primetime games tonight. 

Pat Lackey

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