The Day 2 Blues

Is there anything worse than the high of Opening Day followed by the letdown of Tuesday’s rain-out protection off-day? I say no. Some leftovers from yesterday’s festivities.

In a bit of a surprise, Brandon Moss did clear waivers and will be in Indianapolis’ starting outfield. It had kind of been a foregone conclusion that the team would lose him (maybe we still will in a trade, but that seems unlikely since he passed through waivers), but he makes some nice minor league insurance. Hopefully he’ll get his swing straightened out.

Speaking of Indy, at Bucs Dugout Charlie discusses their roster as well those of the West Virginia Power and Bradenton Marauders. WV’s roster will likely be in flux most of the season; remember last year that Quinton Miller was held out of action until about when the short-season State College Spikes started playing games, but was quickly bumped up a level to still make 12 starts with the Power. The same approach could be used for last year’s high school draftees.

As someone that tries to be rational about baseball, I don’t often put stock into things like “players-only meetings,” but as a Pirate fan, I still like to read things like this:

“All over the winter, through spring training, you hear about, you know, 17 years, this and that,” Church added. “We brought everybody together and talked about, ‘Why not? Why not this year?’ I think a lot of people in here really looked in the mirror. Mostly, it was just guys sick and tired of being sick and tired, that kind of stuff. So it’s like, let’s change it. Let’s change what people say about us.”

It’s very interesting to me that the meeting was called by Church, Dotel, Crosby, and Donnelly. With all of the younger guys fighting to make some kind of lasting impact this year so that they can have jobs in the future, the four veteran free agent pickups are playing the Jake Taylor role.

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