The final homestand

I honestly don’t care much if the Pirates finish with a winning record at PNC Park in 2010. It’s a meaningless number, more or less, and it just doesn’t make much of a difference to me either way. What I do care about is avoiding the 100th loss at PNC Park. It’s true that the Pirates’ home attendance is nothing to, well, write home about, but frankly at this point I think it’s a miracle anyone shows up at the park. Eighteen losing seasons and 100+ losses in season #18? Please, spare the people the people headed to the park this weekend of the ignominy of having to witness loss #100 to Houston of all teams.

I will say, though, that I’m having a bunch of fun watching the Pirates this past week or so. The pitching looks good, guys like Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez are hitting the ball and that makes the team just different than they look in the down-times. James McDonald is pitching tonight, which is always a bonus. Hopefully his last start at PNC this year is one that gives the fans at the park something to look forward to in 2011.

Pat Lackey

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