The first stop

Before the Pirates can win a World Series or finish .500, they’ve got to beat the Brewers. I mean, I guess they can technically win a World Series or finish .500 without diong that, but it really seems highly unlikely to me. And right now, beating the Brewers is the most important thing to ME as a Pirate fan, so let’s try and get that box checked tonight, mmmkay?

Ross Ohlendorf takes a crack at ending the ridiculous losing streak tonight against Mike Burns. It always seems like a bit of a crapshoot to me as to how pitchers will come out of the long layoff induced by the break (this is Ohlendorf’s first start in nine days), so I’m not sure what to expect from Ohlendorf tonight. We should probably also consider that his last start had a very unfortunate ending. That probably won’t affect him either way tonight, but it might make for an ugly highlight reel before the game starts, so you should probably brace yourself.

Pat Lackey

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