The home opener!

The Pirates are on a pretty ridiculous run of openers, from last year’s fly ball debacle in Atlanta to Jose Bautista’s impromptu bunt in the home opener last year, to this year’s dramatic comeback to start the season in St. Louis. It’s hard to believe that a game between two teams almost certainly ticketed for the basement of the NL Central is going to live up to that, but that doesn’t mean that I’m happy about not being there for it.

Today I’m most interested in how Zach Duke fairs after his stellar season debut against St. Louis. I don’t know when exactly I’m going to be convinced that he’s “back,” but each good start he makes is a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned. He’s up against Brian Moehler today, and if that dude shuts us out with fewer than five hits, I’m not going to be pleased at all. Ramon Vazquez is predictably in the lineup for Andy LaRoche, but beyond that the Bucs look about the same as they have all season today.

I know a lot of readers are at this game today, but there are at least a few other out of towners and ex-pats like myself and we can all commiserate in the gamethread this afternoon. IT’S THE HOME OPENER! THE PIRATES ARE STILL OVER .500! GET EXCITED, EVERYBODY!

Pat Lackey

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