The Matt Wieters Rule

Someday, I’ll compile a WHYGAVS Constitution and put it in the top menu, but until then you’re going to have to settle for a loose amalgamation of rules that appear at my whim. We’ve been talking about this newest rule in the comments for a couple of days, but I think that this is important enough to bring to the front page.

I am sick of hearing about Matt Wieters. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m a baseball fan, so Wieters excites me. He’s an awesome prospect that’s got a chance to help turn a doormate franchise around. But as a Pirate fan, I don’t want to hear about how he’s not a Pirate anymore. That’s over. That happened because a different general manager did what he always did, and now that general manager is gone. There’s nothing that’s ever going to happen that will make Wieters a Pirate and complaining about it just does no good. At this point, it’s the same as wishing Larry Dohety didn’t screw up and include Moises Alou as the player to be named in the Zane Smith trade. It’s like wishing they took Gary Sheffield with the first pick in the ’86 draft instead of Jeff King.

Think about this: what if the Pirates drafted Wieters and he didn’t sign because Boras didn’t want his client playing for a Littlefield-run organization? Then the public bad guy from the draft is Boras and not Littlefield. Maybe Littlefield never gets fired. Maybe he does get fired, but Bob Nutting is so burned from the experience that he tells Huntington he can do what he wants in the draft except draft another Boras client. What’s done is done. Maybe none of those things happen. Maybe he does sign. But we don’t know any of that, and speculating about it almost two years later is futile and frustrating.

It’s over. We’re moving on. There are plenty of other things to talk about now that we have a real front office in place. No more “What if we had Wieters.” Please.

Pat Lackey

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