The mighty Marlins

The Marlins roll in to PNC with the best record in baseball tonight, sitting pretty at 10-1. There’s been a lot of the inevitable discussion about whether the Marlins are really this good or not and how playing them will tell us a lot about a Pirate team that’s sitting at .500 and been relatively untested to this point. Of course, with Ross Ohlendorf and Jeff Karstens going in the first two games of the series, maybe we won’t learn that much about the Pirates.

When looking at the Marlins’ record, you have to remember that three of their wins just came after three National bullpen meltdowns that were so bad that they decided that maybe Kip Wells will solve all their problems. They’re good and they’re young and they’ll be interesting if that young pitching staff holds up, but they’re not this much better than the rest of the NL.

Anyways, Ohlendorf and Andrew Miller take the mound tonight, though the big story for the Pirates is Ryan Doumit, who’s been scratched with a wrist problem and is getting an MRI at AGH today. DK doesn’t make it sound serious at all, but I’m always a little wary when it comes to Doumit’s health.

Pat Lackey

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