The most boring series fathomable

I can’t think of a baseball match-up less interesting than the Pirates and Astros right now. The Astros are a middling, uninspiring team in the mold of the Dave Littlefield-era Pirates while the current Pirates are so far on autopilot that I don’t think there’s any coming back from it. Charlie Morton takes his maddening talent to the mound against Bud Norris at 8:10.

Meanwhile, the best-Pirate related thing I’ve read today is this story about Steve Blass hitting two hole-in-ones in the same round. He’s also the clubhouse leader for “quote of the year” and I don’t think anyone’s going to catch him:


“The first one we all went berserk,” said Blass, who was playing in a fivesome in the outing. The second one, I took off my glasses, and started rolling down the hill like a little kid. I looked like a big, fat bear rolling down the hill.”

Pat Lackey

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