The OTHER Pittsburgh v. Detroit

First things first: DRAFT POLL IN THE SIDEBAR.

Second things second: Tony Sanchez signed a deal with a $2.5 million signing bonus with the Pirates and is expected to report to West Virginia by the end of the month or so.

Third things third: Rick Porcello and Ian Snell take the mound tonight to start the 100th anniversary and while I’m a little sad to be missing Porcello’s start, it’s probably a good thing that we didn’t have WHYGAVS Night during an Ian Snell start, because I feel like we might’ve rioted if he didn’t pitch well. (Reminder: WHYGAVS NIGHT IS ON SUNDAY, NOT FRIDAY.) Regardless, Snell seemed to pitch pretty well in light of the Charlie Morton threat in his last start, so hopefully he can keep that trend up tonight against a team that doesn’t suck as bad as the Astros do.

Pat Lackey

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