The Pirates were at Ben Sheets’ throwing session

I really, really doubt that much will come of this, but Tammy Soignier of the News-Star (which appears to be based in Louisiana) mentions that the Pirates were among the teams watching Ben Sheets throw yesterday. Sheets threw well and enough good teams are interested that the Pirates won’t be able to play the “Hey! Come pitch for us and prove to everyone you’re healthy!” card, so I don’t think we’ll have to waste any breath debating whether it’s a good idea to put him in the rotation instead of Kevin Hart or Dan McCutchen*, but I still think it’s worth noting that the Pirates were there to watch him pitch, anyways. (Via MLB Trade Rumors, of course)

*I love the sort of debate that being the fan of a bad team brings about. I mean, of course Ben Sheets is a better pitcher than McCutchen or Hart and the Pirates would be better for having him in the rotation. But how does it hurt their development as pitchers? Would Sheets make the Pirates good enough to somehow contend? How long could the Pirates theoretically sign Sheets for? Gee, I’m awfully glad I didn’t spend any time worrying about this sort of thing.

Pat Lackey

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