The Royals win one before the game even starts

Looks like the doubts surrounding the report that the Pirates were going to sign Cheslor Cuthbert were valid. DK is reporting today that he’ll sign with the guys across the field for $1.5 million; twice what the Pirates were rumored to be offering.

As for the game itself, our ability to make anyone look good will be put to a real test today. Bruce Chen takes the mound tonight in his first big league appearance since 2007, his first start since 2006, looking for his first win since 2005. He’s been pretty good in 13 starts with Triple-A Omaha, but still … come on. How is Chen only 32 right now? It seems like he’s been around forever.

Paul Maholm takes the mound for the Pirates, hoping that PNC Park (where he’s 2-1 with a 1.83 ERA) can help break him out of his current slump and send the Pirates to a fourth win in a row.

Pat Lackey

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