Time for James McDonald to step up

If there ever was a day that the Pirates needed James McDonald to be "Good J-Mac," this day certainly qualifies. They played terribly last night in their least favorite place in the universe, but today is a new day. Jonathan Sanchez's Pirate Rein of Terror is over, as he's been designated for assignment to make room for Bryan Morris in the bullpen. McDonald, of course, is capable of literally anything when he's on the mound. Maybe he'll give the Pirates the strong seven inning start that they need after an ugly loss. Maybe he'll force the team to use a long reliever for the second straight day. Who knows? Not even McDonald! 

Marco Estrada goes for the Brewers. Travis Snider and Neil Walker remain out of the lineup, which means Gaby Sanchez and Brandon Inge both continue to start against right-handed pitching and the bench will once again be gnats' eyelash thin. The first pitch tonight is at 8:10.

Pat Lackey

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