Time to rebound again

Quick pregame news: Brian Burres has been optioned to Triple-A and Argenis Diaz has been called up. No word yet on why, exactly, Diaz gets the call, but I’m guessing it probably has something to do with Bobby Crosby sitting out yesterday and Andy LaRoche’s continuing back issues. We’ll know more shortly.

Tonight Zach Duke gets to do what he’s had to do in all of his non-Opening Day starts so far, which is try to stem the bleeding after an ugly game. Yovani Gallardo is a tough draw, though, and Duke hasn’t traditionally pitched all that well against the Brewers. Anything has to be better than last night’s debacle, though.

First pitch is 7:05, Clemente/Cangelosi is after the jump.

Not sure what this is? Check here and here. Short version: in the comments pick the Pirates you think will be most and least valuable in today’s game. If you haven’t jumped aboard yet, it’s been a lot of fun through so far and now’s as good a time as any to join in.

As always on Charlie Morton Night, there was some real movement in the standings yesterday. Some people (me included) were penalized for their faith in Morton, but more were rewarded with two points. Dafletch picked up all four by nailing Morton and Akinori Iwamura. The runners up last night were Doumit (Clemente) and Clement (Cangelosi)

Today’s standings:

  1. Woodward: 17
  2. dafletch: 11
  3. hwtrine:8: 10
  4. Wizard of Woz, UtesFan89, hisjazziness: 7
  5. brian2: 6
  6. North Shore Ryan, Carnegie Chip: 5
  7. IndianaJohns04, dboz, appeal2smail, whygavs, TheJewelryMan!: 4
  8. TomKaikis, apk, Joek, tylerrcurtis, bwzimmerman: 3
  9. PatrickHealy, Garrett22, edgeman2k, apk: 2
  10. FSU Bucs, Christy, MattB, appeal2smail, fruitbat, SeanGentile, shsteimer: 1
  11. Everyone else: 0
  12. NSN, CoryR, Mosca, ndbrian, wk kortas, danatural, J Latrobe: -1
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