Tony Womack is on the Hall of Fame ballot

Every year around this time, the BBWAA releases its annual Hall of Fame ballot. This accomplishes a few things: everyone starts talking about guys that are still on the ballot that deserve to be in the Hall, everyone starts dissecting the serious new candidates, and everyone looks at the down-ballot guys that aren’t likely to even get a vote and wonder exactly how the BBWAA picks the cutoff between who gets on the ballot and who doesn’t. 

This year’s biggest head-scratcher for me? Tony Womack. Tony Womack of the career OPS+ of 72, the career OBP of .317, the career bWAR of 1.2. Tony Womack was traded five times in his career for seven players. Of those seven, only Jason Boyd and Matt Duff played in the Majors. His career accomplishments amount to this: he lead the NL in stolen bases from 1997-1999 and he got the game-tying hit off of Mariano Rivera in the 2001 World Series.

Tony Womack: potential Hall of Famer. 

Pat Lackey

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