Tuesday links

I’m pressed for time today with seminars to go to and a concert tonight, but I’ve got some links for everyone.

I made a guest appearance on our BaseCast, the MLB FanHouse podcast, to talk about the NL Central trade front.

Great read on the ridiculous Mets’ situation by Lisa Olson, also at FanHouse.

Hunter Strickland, acquired last week in the Adam LaRoche deal, threw six no-hit innings in his debut with the West Virginia Power and combined with Diego Moreno for a no-hitter last night.

No surprise here, but talks with Wilson and Sanchez are on hold until after the trade deadline. It’s also worth remembering that Sanchez will likely sneak through waivers if he’s not traded before Friday, while it’s also possible that Wilson will as well. Meaning this might not end this week.

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