Two for the show

The Brewers loss to the Pirates last night didn’t cost them as much as it might’ve, as the Diamondbacks lost to the Dodgers to let the Brewers keep their one-game lead on the D’Backs for the NL’s second seed. I’m not sure how the tiebreakers play out between the two clubs, but I’d imagine the Brewers would like to win tonight and wrap up the second seed and get an extra day of official rest before the playoffs start. I also suspect they may be out for a bit of revenge after last night’s HBP-athon, whether Jason Grilli was throwing at the Brewers or not. 

Ross Ohlendorf gets what I presume will be his last start in a Pirate uniform tonight. He might be back with the Pirates next year, but if he’s in the rotation things are going to be going poorly. Randy Wolf goes for the Brewers Andrew McCutchen’s “lower abdomen” has recovered enough that he can play tonight. First pitch is at 8:10.  

Pat Lackey

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