A very Wiggy Christmas?

Of all the non-tender created free agents, the PG is reporting that the one the Pirates have showed interest in to this point is Ty Wigginton. It seems unlikely that Wigginton will sign in Pittsburgh for a number of reasons, namely that there are a number of teams interested and likely to drive the bidding up, that the Pirates likely won’t offer him a starting position like the Twins can, that the Pirates suck, and that the Pirates have non-tendered him once already in his career and let’s be honest, Wigginton certainly seems like the type to hold a grudge.

Ignoring the fact that I think Wigginton would be a bad signing (most of his power last year came at Minute Maid, which is the anti-PNC when it comes to right-handed power), the interesting question here is why the Pirates want Wigginton. Is it because he’s a suddenly available and useful player that’s likely in their price range? Is it because they want a player in camp to push Andy LaRoche? Is it because they want another corner outfielder and don’t view Nyjer Morgan or Steve Pearce as viable options? Or am I just reading too far into what’s likely a harmless inquisition about a free agent that’s unlikely to amount to anything significant?

Pat Lackey

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