Videos Clips of Gerrit Cole’s First Arizona Fall League Start

As I type this, I’m actually updating the WHYGAVS Top Prospects lists. I’ll hopefully have them ready to run on Monday and Tuesday next week. Until then, I’ve got two videos embedded below of Gerrit Cole’s first Arizona Fall League start yesterday. They were taken by MLB Prospect Portal, who have tons of AFL stuff on their YouTube channel, and I found them at Rumbunter

Cole’s outing was a little rough around the edges yesterday, but remember that UCLA’s season ended in early June and Cole didn’t pitch much at all until the instructional leagues began at the end of September. This is probably the first time he’s faced hitters that have any chance at all against him since the UCLA season ended. He threw hard yesterday and he got swings at misses for a couple of innings. That’s good, so let’s see how he progresses from here. 

Pat Lackey

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