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Does the first game of the spring get a gamethread? I don’t see why it shouldn’t, though I’m posting it more as an “afternoon discussion while there happens to be a baseball game taking place” thread than anything. I obviously won’t do this for every game since the spring training novelty wears off in about 48 hours, but the first game is always exciting, even if Chris Bootcheck is starting and there won’t even be one starting pitcher involved.

For one point of discussion, though, I’m thinking about moving the gamethreads this year into the forum for a couple of reasons. One is admittedly that I’m trying to get people using the forum more regularly and the other is that I think that it’s probably better suited for that kind of thing than these comments. If I do make the switch, I’ll certainly make it as easy as possible; I’ll probably just shut the comments for those particular posts off and post a link to the forum instead. My question is, how opposed is everyone to this? I’m mean, I’m sure everyone hates the idea, but how much do you hate it?

Baseball’s here! Well, sort of. But it’s been a long winter and I’ll take what I can get.

UPDATE: If you’re out of the range of 104.7 or any of the affiliates, the radio broadcast is available through Pirates.com today. I’m not sure who it’s available to, but I had GameDay audio this year and haven’t re-upped yet and I’m listening to it.

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