Welcome aboard

I’m very happy to be able to mention today that Bloguin has brought aboard a second Pirates blog; the minor league-focused Sandlot Swashbucklers that previously made its home at MVN. Nancy actually launched the Bloguin version of her blog last week, but it got caught up (with numerous other things) in the huge vacation-created e-mail/to-do list backlog. I often find myself lamenting that I don’t have enough time to follow the minor leagues as closely as I’d like, so I’m pretty psyched to have a minor league site here in the same network. Make sure to drop by and say hi to Nancy.

Pat Lackey

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In 2005, I started a WHYGAVS instead of working on organic chemistry homework. Many years later, I've written about baseball and the Pirates for a number of sites all across the internet, but WHYGAVS is still my home. I still haven't finished that O-Chem homework, though.