Welcome back baseball links

The Pirates’ first workouts are today, and you want to read about baseball. As much about baseball as you possibly can. I’m here to help. 

Royals Review has an awesomely in depth look at the success rate of top prospects. 

Matt and Randy from Pittsburgh Lumber Company are closing up shop and joining the ever-expanding megalopolis of Pirate Prospects, which is also incorporating Wilbur Miller’s Pirate Player Profiles. Update your bookmarks accordingly. 

Two good pieces about Chuck Tanner that broaden the focus beyond the 1979 season: Chris Jaffe at the Hardball Times has “10 Things I didn’t know about Chuck Tanner” (I think I’d say that I knew maybe four of them) and the Captain’s Blog takes a long look at his long baseball career. Also, there will be a public viewing for Tanner in his hometown of New Castle. 

Rob Neyer talks about Gino Cimoli, the other ex-Pirate that died over the weekend.  

Ryan Doumit: still a Pirate. You know what? It’s the first day of spring training. I think Doumit could be effectively used as a platoon player this year. 

MLB.com interviews Jameson Taillon.  

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