Who’s back? Jim Tracy’s back.

In the spirit of the comment thread below, I’ve decided to ask former Pirate manager and current Rockies bench coach to write the gamethread for the Pirates/Rockies game tonight.*

*No, I didn’t.

Who’s got the best chance to win this Pirates/Rockies game tonight? Well, you’ve got Pauly Maholm out there for the Pirates and since he never pitched well for Jim Colborn, he couldn’t have been a Dodger. Jorge de la Rosa, though, he’s real gritty. Been around the block a few times. Knows what it takes to win a ballgame. And what are the Pirates doing with Robinzon Diaz starting all these games at catcher? He’s too skinny.

And look at these lineups. Andy LaRoche? Failed Dodger. Clint Barmes? Gamer. Clint Ballgame, I like to call him. Likes to get his jersey dirty. Is that a good thing? I think so. You know, back when I managed the Dodgers, we had lots of players who liked to get their jerseys dirty and that’s why we made the playoffs that one time. Was it awesome? Sure it was, but you gotta move on. Which is why I’m in Colorado now.

Now, if you ask me who I think is going to win this game, I’ll tell you I think that neither one of these clubs could beat the 2004 Dodgers once in a best-of-20 series, but … wait. What was the question?

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