WHYGAVS Night 2009

OK, let’s make this concrete. WHYGAVS Night 2009 will be on Friday, June 12th as the Pirates play the Tigers. Like last year, it’s just easier if everyone’s responsible for their own tickets. We chose a similar game (Friday night, interleague, bobblehead) for WHYGAVS Night last year and had no problem getting bleacher general admission tickets for everyone that showed up.

Last year we met at Firewaters (on Federal St.) around 6:00 before the game to hang out and have a few drinks before the ritual slaughter involving Jimmy Barthmaier and Scott Kazmir took place on the field and so I think I’m going to go ahead and say that’s the plan again this year. As for t-shirts, I’m working on the design right now and when they’re ready to go, I’ll put up a post and ask for orders. We can also get into more details later, but I wanted to set a firm date so everyone’s that interested can set their calendars.

Everyone that came last year had a lot of fun, so I’d certainly encourage anyone that’s on the fence about it to try and stop by, whether you’re a regular commenter, a reader, or just someone who wants to watch a Pirates’ game with some other Pirate fans.

Pat Lackey

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In 2005, I started a WHYGAVS instead of working on organic chemistry homework. Many years later, I've written about baseball and the Pirates for a number of sites all across the internet, but WHYGAVS is still my home. I still haven't finished that O-Chem homework, though.