Wil Ledezma signs minor league deal

If I know my math, Akinori Iwamura + Wilfredo Ledezma = Championship.

OK, that’s being glib. The Pirates signed Ledezma to a minor league deal, and he’s a nice pickup to come in and vie for a bullpen spot. He’ll be 29 in January and he’s shown some decent control in the minors to go with his big strikeout rate, though that hasn’t really transferred to the majors at this point. He’s probably just pitching depth, but I guess there’s an outside chance he could be the lefty the bullpen needs. No harm in bringing him to camp to find out.

Side note: thanks for all the help with the glossary. I made a few of the suggested changes and went ahead and put it in the menu bar. It’s going to be a constantly changing thing, so any time you see something you think needs added, just mention it in the comments.

The I’m not doing a new post UPDATE: Karstens and Thomas outrighted to Triple-A, Diaz released.

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