Will Bedard be the stopper?

Yesterday, it was exciting that the Pirates had scored 17 runs in their last two days. Today, it’s pretty concerning that they’ve given up 22 in their last two. The heady days of “no one scores more than five runs EVER” are well behind us, apparently, and now we’re living in a lawless world where anything can happen in a baseball game. 

The Pirates will try to salvage a win in St. Louis with Erik Bedard on the mound this afternoon. Bedard has been quite good for the Bucs this year, but he’s also only thrown five innings in three of his five starts. After AJ Burnett’s short, awful outing last night the Pirates need more than five from Bedard to have a chance today, I think. The Cardinals send Jake Westbrook out, who’s been quite good this year in not allowing a home run over 27 2/3 innings. He’s not striking many guys out, so hopefully the Pirates can put some balls into play and make good things happen.

First pitch this afternoon is at 1:45.  

Pat Lackey

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