The quest to score more than one run continues

The Pirates will look to stop playing terribly today against the Cardinals. They’ve scored one run in their last two games, and they’ve decided to bat Josh Harrison second today. I’m sure that will go brilliantly. Russell Martin is now on the disabled list with his hamstring problem, so Tony Sanchez has been called up and is starting in his place.

Francisco Liriano starts for the Pirates. I thought his last start against the Reds was encouraging, so let’s hope that continues today. Tyler Lyons starts for the Cardinals, in what’s his second and probably last start before Joe Kelly returns to the Cardinals’ rotation from his own hamstring problems. Lyons did some spot-starting for the Cards last year and he was decent-though-not-spectacular. In his one start for the Cards this year, he struck out seven Mets and walked four while allowing two runs on six hits in six innings of work.

First pitch is at 4:05 today, and it’s televised on FOX Sports One.

Image: DieselDemon, Flickr

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