Another short-handed night

So long as the Pirates are going to insist on playing with a severely short-handed 23-man roster, all I’m going to be able to say is, “They have to find a way to win some of these games.” They really should already have two wins in this series, and that first loss will really be a drag if they can’t fine a way to win this finale. Tonight’s lineup is the most hilariously inept-looking lineup out of all of the hilariously inept-looking lines we’ve seen lately. Both Michael Martinez and Jayson Nix are playing, and Nix is actually batting sixth tonight, since the Pirates are facing lefty Brian Flynn.

This is Flynn’s first start for the Marlins in 2014. Flynn made four unimpressive starts for the Marlins last year and he hasn’t looked all that great in Triple-A this year, either. If it weren’t for the lineup, I’d be somewhat hopeful that the Pirates would have a chance to turn their bad luck against lefties around tonight. Because of the lineup, hoping for a win tonight mostly feels like hoping for a miracle. Edinson Volquez pitches for the Pirates. His last start was decent, but he’s been mostly uneven since his complete game against the Cardinals last month.

First pitch tonight is at 7:05. The Brewers have already won today.

Image: JOIPHELsmiles, Flickr

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