Game 125: Braves 7 Pirates 3

The most important Pirate game of the year was over before it even started. Jason Heyward hit the first pitch out of the park. Andrelton Simmons hit the sixth pitch out of the park. Chris Johnson singled in a third run on the 15th pitch. Gerald Laird singled in a fourth run on the 24th pitch. Ervin Santana hit into what could’ve been a really nice 6-4-3 double play on the 33rd pitch, but Neil Walker threw wide of first and Pedro Alvarez didn’t come off of the bag for the throw (it is unclear to me whether Alvarez could have gotten the out or caught the throw from going wide, but there’s definitely a chance an experienced first baseman would’ve saved a run or two on that play), and so the fifth and sixth runs scored and the game was over.

It’s a shame the first inning went so poorly, because the other eight went pretty well for the Pirates. Starling Marte hit two homers and a single, Neil Walker crushed a long homer that bounced into the river, the Pirates had a few other scoring opportunities that were wasted, and Worley was brilliant over the last five innings he pitched, and the Pirates were in general the better team over the last eight innings.

You don’t get to throw the first inning out, though, and so the Pirates have now lost six in a row.

Image: Doug Wertman, Flickr

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