There’s plenty of interest in AJ Burnett

Peter Gammons is reporting today that the Orioles are very interested in AJ Burnett and that the Rays have some interest in him as well. I won't pretend to know what's on Burnett's mind, but at this point it seems pretty unlikely to me that the Pirates will get into a bidding war for Burnett's […]

Keith Law has seven Pirates in his Top 100 prospects

We're in Top 100 prospects week, and today's the day for Keith Law's list. He's got seven Pirate prospects on the list: Gregory Polanco (13), Tyler Glasnow (20), Jameson Taillon (27), Austin Meadows (35), Nick Kingham (73), Alen Hanson (74), and Josh Bell (98). You can read more about it at Pirates Prospects, since Tim […]

The 2014 Clay Davenport projections

Clay Davenport has the first run of his projected standings up at his site this week, and I think they're interesting to look at since they're specifically geared to generate standings with scaled playing time, etc. He has the Pirates projected for 83 wins, which seems low until you remember that projections are always made […]

Seven Pirates among Baseball Prospectus’s Top 101 Prospects

Jason Parks and Baseball Prospectus released their list of the top 101 prospects in baseball today, and the Pirates placed seven prospects on the list: Jameson Taillon (19), Gregory Polanco (24), Tyler Glasnow (42), Reese McGuire (59), Josh Bell (77), Nick Kingham (80), and Austin Meadows (89). Sky Kalkman's been doing some quick analysis of […]

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Gerrit Cole and curveballs

The Pirates' quiet winter means that if the Pirates are going to get back to the playoffs in 2014, they're going to have to do it by improving internally. The good news is that it's relatively easy to find young players on the Pirates capable of doing that, and the obvious player to start with […]

Projecting ZiPS projections

The fun part about the annual release of the different pre-season projections is that within a week of the numbers coming out, there are all kinds of interesting articles to read discussing the projections and you can start to get an idea of how the coming season might shake out.  Since the ZiPS projections came […]

Everyone avoids arbitration

Here are the numbers (they're all one-year deals):  Neil Walker – $5.75 million Pedro Alvarez – $4.25 million Mark Melancon – $2.6 million Gaby Sanchez – $2.3 million Vin Mazzaro – $950,000 This is all more or less within the range of expected values, with Walker getting a bit more money than expected and Melancon […]

The 2014 ZiPS projections for the Pirates are out and not depressing

For years and years, one of my most depressing mid-winter rituals was to get really excited on the day that Dan Szymborski would release the Pirates' ZiPS projections, click the link, and then get really, really sad about the Pirates' prospects for the upcoming season. Today, FanGraphs has this year's ZiPS projections for the Pirates this […]

Travis Snider avoids arbitration

The Pirates will not go to arbitration with Travis Snider because late last night he signed a one-year deal with the club for $1.2 million. There are still five arbitration eligible players left and they happen to be the five most interestesting Pirates out of the six that filed for arbitration this week, but I suppose […]

It’s arbitration season

Six Pirates (Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, Mark Melancon, Vin Mazzaro, and Travis Snider) filed for aribtration last night, which was something that was completely expected but is also what passes for Pirate news in the middle of January. The Pirates tendered all six players with contract offers in December and they haven't agreed […]

Ray Searage knows as much about AJ Burnett’s future as you and I do

This is a day late and I have a little bit more planned for next week along these lines, but Ray Searage told 93.7 yesterday that while he's not completely certain of AJ Burnett's status for 2014, he's preparing for the season as if he's not going to have Burnett available to him. This is […]

Thoughts on a quiet winter

The very second that the Pirates were eliminated from the NLDS by the Cardinals this was a true statement about the Pirates' outlook for 2014: If the Pirates are going to be better in 2014 than they were in 2013, it'll be because they get a full season of Gerrit Cole, because of Starling Marte's […]