Winter meeting rumors: Logan Morrison and Clint Barmes

This isn't exactly new news, but Fox's Jon Morosi confirmed today that the Pirates are possibly interested in trading for Logan Morrison, as well as continuing to be interested in Adam Lind:  Pirates discussing multiple trade options for first base vacancy, including Adam Lind and Logan Morrison, sources say.

A brief winter meeting preview

Baseball's winter meetings kick off in Orlando todayish, depending on when all of the GMs make it to Orlando after what was presumably a terrible travel day yesterday. The Pirates have made a couple of small trades but done little else this winter. I suspect that that will end this week. We know that the […]

Passan: Pirates interested in David Price

Jeff Passan just filed a column for Yahoo! saying that the Rays are expected to seriously look at trading David Price at next week's winter meetings, and that the Pirates are one of the teams interested in trading for him. This is one of those reports that I think come with a lot of caveats, […]

Minor leaguer Evan Chambers passes away at 24

This afternoon, news came out via Twitter that Pirate prospect Evan Chambers died over the weekend at the age of 24. The club released a brief statement about it Monday night, saying that Chambers died in his sleep over the weekend and that they will work with the Chambers family to find a charity in […]

Olney: Pirates close to trading for Chris Stewart

Good morning, everybody. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good, travels were safe, etc. We've got three full weeks ahead of us before Christmas week and I suspect that they're going to be a bit more full of Pirate news than the first portion of this off-season has been. We can start Monday off with a […]

More of Jaff Decker, Alex Dickerson, Garrett Jones, and the trade

It's 1 AM and I'm frantically trying to get things packed up and put together for a drive back to Western PA for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I promised some more words on Jaff Decker and Garrett Jones and the like, dammit, and so you're going to get those words whether you want to read them […]

Disregard that speculation: Josh Johnson is a Padre

Well that didn't take long: Jerry Crasnick is reporting tonight that Josh Johnson has signed a one-year/$8 million contract with the Padres. Since Johnson previously said that he wanted to sign with the Padres or Giants to be closer to his Las Vegas home, I don't think there's too much to read into here; Johnson […]

Sawchik: Pirates ‘finalists’ for Josh Johnson

2013 is Neal Huntington's seventh offseason at the helm of the Pirates (!!! I know) and at this point, it's relatively easy to look at a free agent list at the beginning of the off-season and guess who he'll be interested in. Josh Johnson is 6'7", he's capable of throwing hard, he strikes out a […]

Andrew McCutchen wins National League MVP Award

Maybe one of the hardest parts about rooting for a franchise that went 20 years in between winning seasons was the false hope. The prospects and players that were supposed to be the ones that could put the Pittsburgh Pirates on their backs and take them back to relevancy. The Chad Hermansens that were supposed […]

Clint Hurdle is the NL Manager of the Year

As expected, Clint Hurdle was announced as the National League Manager of the Year earlier this evening. My default position is to be skeptical of the Manager of the Year Award because it's so subjective, but instead I want to take this occasion to congratulate Clint Hurdle and talk about some of the really good […]

Awards! Andrew McCutchen, Clint Hurdle, and Francisco Liriano

Last night around dinner time the BBWAA announced the "finalists" for their major awards (I missed this because I fell deep into a grading black hole around 11 AM yesterday and didn't emerge until around 9 PM) and to the surprise of no one, Andrew McCutchen is an MVP finalist and Clint Hurdle is a […]

Pirates choose not to extend qualifying offer to AJ Burnett

There was a little bit of surprise when the 5 PM deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their pending free agents came and went this evening without the Pirates making an offer to AJ Burnett, so before going into the mechanics of the Pirates' decision here and what they might mean, I figured […]

Free agency, Wandy Rodriguez, and other things

After the World Series ends, teams have a window of five days to negotiate with their free agents before they hit the open market. The World Series ended last Wednesday, so that window draws to a close at midnight tonight, officially opening free agent season at 12:01 AM Tuesday. The Pirates have a ton of […]

No Gold Gloves for the Pirates (and a minor rant about defense)

Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte, and Russell Martin were all "nominated" for Gold Gloves this year, but all three missed out on the awards for their individual positions when they were handed out on Tuesday night. McCutchen lost to Carlos Gomez in center and Martin lost to Yadier Molina, both of which were justified results, while […]

There and back again: What do the Pirates need to do this winter?

When looking back on the Pittsburgh Pirates' 2013 season and ahead to their 2014 season, there's just one question to ask: How did the Pirates get to 94 wins in 2013 and what do they need to do to get back and beyond in 2014? In the immediate aftermath of the Pirates' loss, there was […]