Game 89: Cardinals 2 Pirates 0

In seven innings tonight, Charlie Morton allowed one hit (a first inning double through the shift by Matt Adams) and two walks. He only faced three hitters in the second, fourth, sixth, and seventh innings. He only threw 84 pitches. He gave up zero runs.

In seven innings tonight, Adam Wainwright allowed seven hits and three walks. At least one Pirate runner reached base in every inning. The Pirates put two runners on in the first, second, fourth, and seventh innings. They had an additional runner in scoring position in the fifth after a Starling Marte triple. He threw 112 pitches. He gave up zero runs.

And so, of course, it was the Pirates’ inability to score runs that lead to Morton being pulled after seven one-hit innings, because his spot in the lineup came up with two outs and the bases loaded in the top of the eighth. And it was the Pirates’ inability to score that lead to Justin Wilson pitching the ninth inning instead of Mark Melancon (though why Tony Watson isn’t allowed to pitch a second inning after throwing just five pitches in the eighth, I don’t know), and that’s what lead to Matt Adams’ walkoff two-run homer.

If the Pirates and Cardinals play this game with Morton and Wainwright pitching like they did tonight, the Pirates probably win nine times. This was the tenth time. These games happen sometimes. That doesn’t mean that they’re any fun.

Image: Sam Howzit, Flickr

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