Pirates look to sweep Giants

While we all sit here furiously refreshing Twitter and waiting for trade deadline news, the Pirates and Giants will play the final game of their three-game set this afternoon. On Monday night, I would’ve been ecstatic about the Pirates taking two of three from the Giants. This afternoon, I’ll be disappointed if they can’t finish of the sweep.

Charlie Morton and Tim Lincecum are your pitchers this afternoon. The Pirates have beaten up on Lincecum a few times during this recent decline phase of his career, but he’s been a pretty good of late. In his last ten games (nine starts), he’s got a 2.83 ERA over 60 1/3 innings, with 50 strikeouts, 16 walks, and just four homers allowed. That’s not vintage Lincecum or anything, but it’s an awfully effective starting pitcher.

Charlie Morton continues to be Charlie Morton. Pedro Alvarez is benched against a righty again, which I think make plenty of sense given how hot Travis Snider and Josh Harrison are right now.

First pitch today is at 3:45.

Image: Jeremy, Flickr

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