The season moves on

As much as we’re all varying degrees of disappointed that the Pirates didn’t change much at yesterday’s deadline, the reality of the situation is this: there are 55 baseball games left in the 2014 season, and there are only 2 1/2 games between the Pirates and first place in the NL Central. That’s what’s important now.

The Pirates lost their first game to an Arizona team that they shouldn’t lose very many games to. There are still three games left in the series. Edinson Volquez pitches tonight, and it’s a safe bet that his spot on the rotation is on the line tonight since he’s been struggling lately and Vance Worley threw a complete game shutout in his last outing. He doesn’t need to top that tonight, he just needs to get the PIrates in a place where they can win a baseball game.

Vidal Nuno starts for the Diamondbacks. The Pirates saw him once this year in a Yankee uniform. He’s certainly nothing special. First pitch tonight is at 9:40.

Pat Lackey

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