Game 73: Cubs 6 Pirates 3

I had this big post planned out for my preview where I laid out the upcoming schedule and did some math and ended on this conclusion that the Pirates were going to need to go 11-5 over this 16 game stretch against bad baseball teams to really get themselves back into the playoff race before the Cardinals/Reds stretch that leads into the All-Star Break. It was really like 75% written, when I got sidetracked by work, then had a meeting at 3:30 that ran off the rails (in a productive fashion, at least!) until after 5:00. By that point, the Pirates were seconds away from their disastrous five-run third inning, and by then it was too late.

So you let’s just say the Pirates need to go 11-4 in their next 15 now.

All I really want to add is this: Charlie Morton has allowed six home runs this year, three of them have been against Starlin Castro, and four of them have been against the Cubs. I don’t really know what you can do about stuff like this. Baseball’s weird like that sometimes.

Also, if Charlie Morton and Edwin Jackson never pitch against each other again, it’ll still be too soon.

Image: David Goehring, Flickr

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