By winning the first two games of this Dodgers’ series, its tempting to say that the Pirates are playing with house money and that even if they don’t find a way to win either of these two nationally televised (or, in the case of tonight, semi-nationally telelvised) to close out the series, that this series won’t have a bad result. That’s probably true, but the Pirates are 25-29 now and they have a chance to get within three games of .500 for the first time since they were 9-12. As an aside, these two wins over the Dodgers represent (I think) the first back-to-back wins by Pirate starters all year.

Anyway, the Pirates and Dodgers are on FOX tonight for you if you live in the right market. Brandon Cumpton starts against Hyun-jin Ryu. Cumpton has been pretty good by Brandon Cumpton standards. Ryu has been excellent by regular baseball standards. First pitch tonight is at 7:15.

Image credit: jans canon, Flickr

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