Article 6 – YK 11 SARM Reviews

Article 6 – YK 11 SARM Reviews

From the myriad of YK11 SARM reviews published online, you might think that the drug is a regular SARM.  Besides, the exciting part is that user experiences show that the drug has no side effects. We need to dig-in and discover why YK11 is not your ordinary SARM. Of interest to us will be the composition of the drug, benefits of using it, dosage, and expected results.

What is YK11 SARM?

Despite having similar qualities to SARMs, YK11 is not a SARM but steroid. When using enhancement drugs, the prevailing concern among all bodybuilders is whether they have adverse effects. On the other hand, everyone wants to hit the gym and gain muscle mass quickly. Cell studies conducted on YK11 reveal that it does increase muscle mass. The drug contains chemical compounds that hasten the development of a protein known as follistatin.

Moreover, in another case study, YK11 was found to stimulate other proteins, more specifically those that help keep your bones healthy. On the one hand, YK11 stimulates the loss of fat while on the other it increases muscle. Unfortunately, there are no human studies done to give credibility to these claims. However, since the majority of the facts are from past users, we cannot entirely rule out their findings.

Cell studies done by researchers reveal that YK11 increases the levels of follistatin in the body. Follistatin, a protein, occurs naturally, and it is in the tissues of both animals and humans. It inhibits the work of myostatin, another protein that slows down muscle and skeletal growth. So, where follistatin thrives, there will be more muscle production. By inhibiting myostatin, YK11 helps weightlifters grow their muscles.

Benefits of YK11

Among the benefits of using this drug, one striking aspect is that you develop more muscle. Just as we have seen earlier, YK11 stimulates muscle growth by keeping myostatin at bay and increasing follistatin levels. The result, more muscle cells produced, resulting in increased bone and muscle mass.

At the same time, users enjoy having stronger bones.  YK11 benefits stem from its ability to fight inhibitors of growth protein follistatin. As is the case with other SARMs, YK11 attaches to androgen receptors from where it unleashes its power.  It also activates the production of protein kinase B that promotes the growth of bone cells.

Positive reports from YK11 SARM reviews state that the drug’s effects kick-in within a week. Users claim that there are no adverse effects. Claims of testosterone suppression exist, but a myriad of factors render them non-substantial. Different users do things differently. Some will stack YK11 with other SARMs. Another group will ingest the drugs at varying dosages while others will stick to diverse cycle lengths.

If you are seeking to bulk your muscle, YK11 comes in handy. You will have lean within a short time. Besides, the drug burns fat while also hardening tissue. For more info on YK11 SARM benefits, visit:

Recommended YK 11 Dosage

Anecdotal information on best YK11 for dosage suggests an amount of 10-15mg per day. As a new user, you should start with 5mg/day and increase gradually. Some people have gone to the extent of doing 30mg daily, yet they have had no side effects. The recommended cycle for YK11 is from four to eight weeks.

Following the lack of scientific data to back up dosage requirements, past users of the drug hint at splitting your daily intake by half. Such a split translates to two doses per day, which should keep the amount of the drug in your body at a stable level.  You can take YK11 orally, which is the most preferred method, even though there are other forms available by injection.

All the same, setting a standard dosage is not an easy thing. Some users put their stake at 5-10mg while others prefer the 15-20mg alternative. Most say the latter is way too much with another lot stating that anything lower than 10mg per day does not yield good results.

With all these opinions, you might get confused about the right dosage to adopt. In our view, you should start small, perhaps with a dosage of 5mg/day. Monitor your body’s reaction to the drug and decide whether you can increase the intake after a few weeks.

Results you can expect

Nearly all YK11 SARM reviews praise this drug for the results it produces. A cycle packs muscle mass of up to 10lbs. As a weightlifter, you know that 10lbs is not a joke. Besides, other users agree that the strength obtained from researching with YK11 is crazy. On the other hand, the drug has a short half-life. You need to use it several times a day.

Before experimenting with this drug, ensure that you are keen on the diet. Also, stick to a consistent workout program. On side effects, users have reported cases of aggression and suppressed hormone production. Upon completion of your cycle with YK11, use a PCT to regain a full-body balance.