82: a reaction roundup

I want to do a roundup of some of my favorite reactions to 82, but I want to start somewhere else first.

A really cool thing happened last night when I tweeted out the link to my "82 wins" posts; everyone that was still awake started sharing their first Pirate memories with me. I retweeted a bunch of them, but I wanted to share them with everyone that might not follow the Twitter feed. Pirate fans wouldn't trade being a Pirate fan for anything, despite all the crap we've had to wade through in the last 20 years. It's amazing. Thanks to everyone that did this last night, and I'm sorry if you sent me one and I somehow missed it.

Now, to the links! I'm not sure I can possible remember all of the ones I want to put in here, but I'm going to try.

Tim list 100 moments from the streak. I'll just tell you to click the link and let it stand for itself. 

Dom Cosentino at Deadspin, who's been a great friend to WHYGAVS since he started writing for Deadspin, recounted "every shitty thing that happened to the Pirates" from the streak. 

Sean Gentile, who's the hockey writer for the Sporting News, has a great column about what the end of the streak means to him.

Here are Charlie's thoughts on the streak at Bucs Dugout, along with the official announcement that he's writing a book about being a Pirate fan that should be out next spring. Charlie's site started right around the same time that mine did (I think that his first blog launched in the 2004 season, the Bucs Dugout started right around the same time as WHYGAVS at the beginning of 2005) and it's just nuts to think about what things were like when we started, that it took so long to get here, and that we're both somehow still doing this in 2013. 

Here's Rich from This Is Getting Old on 82

Brian from Raise the Jolly Roger.

Cory from Three Rivers Burgh Blog, specifically for the line, "I remember all this bullshit and it sucked." 

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