A day game at Wrigley

The Pirates close up their longest road trip of the year at 2:20 this afternoon against the Cubs. With Zach Duke on the mound, they’re hoping that they can win both this series and as a result, the road trip (they’re currently 5-4, but a loss today means they lose both non-National-related series). Of course, to win today they’ll have to overcome John Russell’s obsession with making sure that all of his professional athletes are fully rested at all times, and today Freddy Sanchez’s scorching hot bat is benched in favor of Delwyn Young. This is not a ploy to keep Freddy under a certain number of plate appearances. Russell has rested Andy LaRoche and Brandon Moss already in the past week. He simply hates hot streaks. That’s a logical conclusion to come to, right?

Pat Lackey

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