A quick thought on Scott Boras

This morning, DK posted on the possibility that the Pirates draft another Scott Boras client in the first round of the draft this year and says that Coonelly and Huntington and Greg Smith won’t be deterred from drafting a Boras client, “even after what happened last summer.”

But what did happen last summer? Didn’t the Pirates play ball with Boras and prove that they were dedicated to signing a Boras client? I understand that the perception is that the Pirates buckled and gave Boras what he wanted, but the truth is that Boras operates as if the rules don’t apply to him and if you try to hold him to those rules, he’s going to mop the floor with you. The Pirates worked with him and they got Alvarez to sign for a fair price. That’s what Boras is really concerned with and things might work out differently a second time around. I’m not saying they’ll be easier, but the Royals have played ball with Boras in the past and in return, the focus of the suit that was filed last year wasn’t Eric Hosmer.

Pat Lackey

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