A slow Monday

I’d expect news to slow down quite a bit as we approach Christmas this week, but we’ve still got a few Monday odds and ends.

John Perrotto says he hears the Pirates might make a run at Carl Pavano. I haven’t been as harsh on the Pirates as some have for their offseason, but if they decide to flush $30+ million down the toilet to watch Carl Pavano pitch like Zach Duke at PNC Park, I’ll probably be pretty upset.  

The Pirates signed Josh Fields to a minor league deal. Once upon a time, he was a pretty decent prospect for the White Sox. Now, he’s 27 and he’s got a minor league deal with the Pirates because the Royals didn’t want him. 

Chan Ho Park has signed with Orix of the NPB to pitch in 2010. So we know for sure he won’t be a Pirate again, though that seemed pretty clear recently.  

Pat Lackey

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