A west coast swing

The Pirates are usually terrible on the west coast. I'm not going to look the numbers up, but you don't need me to. When the Pirates play games after the east coast has fallen asleep, they lose a lot. Now is the time to change that. Neither the Angels nor the Mariners are very good this year. The Pirates need to beat teams like this.

Their first stop takes them to Los Angelheim, or wherever it is that the Angels play. The Angels have been doing this funny thing where they try to sign all of the best free agents from baseball's best teams, but they still manage to somehow suck. They have a pretty terrible pitching staff. They're starting Jered Weaver tonight, who's just been OK this year. The Pirates are starting Orange County native Gerrit Cole tonight, which is always a pretty exciting event. It appears likely that Tony Sanchez will join the Pirates for this road trip, which will probably come at the cost of Mike McKenry, though it's also true that the Pirates have an extra pitcher on the roster at the moment. First pitch is at 10:05. 

Pat Lackey

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